March 24, 2011

Ryan Adams - If I am Stranger 

Keeping it simple and soulful, Mr. Adams once again shows us all how a modern country song is put together so it touches even the coldest heart. 

At the center of this sorrowful effort is the high pitched guitar/banjo line and Adams’ ramshackle vocal.

Lyrics are, as always, of the highest quality and caliber. Stories and heartaches from a real life.

The National - Mistaken for Strangers

Haunting, distressed and urgent. Decidedly agoraphobic, this tune shies away from mainstream rock’s pathos and grand ambitions. Matt Berninger’s deep vocal takes the listener on a tour of the hallways of the grey zone of life.

The National showing a more solemn side to rock and roll.    

February 11, 2011

Relentless, unyielding and pissed off ! 

Dedicated to the gallant people of Egypt ! 

February 2, 2011
Party People and Ghost Societies

So I am back. I’ve been working on my own original stuff for a while, but I am taking break to recharge my creative batteries (please go check it out, link is in the last post) 

Sleep Party People - I’m Not Human At All

I am in my weird corner this time. These bunny mask wearing maniacs use effects on everything from vocals to guitars and drum machines. This songs is exactly what it says; not human at all. 

The human touch is distinctly absent from this spheric piece of madness. The weird melodic twist of it is what makes it so appealing. The oddity is so overwhelming that the aural experience is only part of it. With the noisy crescendo it really is a bombardment of the senses.

Ghost Society - Under the Sun.

A little more “normal” Ghost Society is a mellow soft spoken pop effort that emphasizes melodies and the total experience with their airy engulfing brand of noisy electro pop.

The high vocal adds a distinct brilliance that shimmers on top of the rest of composition. The almost ivory guitar lines weave and twist their way out of the speakers providing a blanket of sound for the listener’s mind to be wrapped in.

Enjoy the odd men out.      

January 17, 2011
In the interest of self promotion

I offer you what has drawn my attention and energy away from this blog.

Let me know what you think.

January 11, 2011
It Will Take you Higher 

Feel the energy rushing through you 

January 11, 2011


Get your planetarium on with this epic “ceiling angle” video of “Love Like a Sunset” taken at Phoenix’s instant-classic Madison Square Garden gig last October, via the band’s blog.

January 6, 2011
New Focal Points

I apologize for being absent and failing to update this blog as often as I used too, but I am redirecting my energy into actually making and producing music. I went on a hiatus about the time I started this blog. Hence, if this blog will not be updated as often you now know why. 

Kira and the Ghost Riders - Copenhagen.

An ode to the great city of Copenhagen. Kira and her cracking band offer up this slow tortured piece as a celebration of qualities of the city and how engrained it is in her.

Lo-Fi is her brand and the sound is profoundly low quality which underlines the the agonizing vibe of the song. The subtle horns provide an air like backdrop to the otherwise heavy and inflexible composition.

Tortured brilliance.

Phantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds

Melodic/melancholic electro duo Phantogram are completely new to me and, admittedly, had my ear from the get go. Plenty of weird noises and quirky hooks from this two man group. refined and high pitched vocals go great with the melodic renderings of the slightly distorted guitar.

That in itself is great, but not innovative. Add the electronic universe of ambience and moods they’ve created make Phantogram a unique experience. 

Enjoy !        

December 29, 2010

Well, they come and go, and this one is gone, thank god.  

John Frusciante - Ah Yom 

Quickly turning into my all time favorite guitarplayer/musician/singer/songwriter, John Frusciante keeps on astounding me with the range of his talent and the extent to which he uses it.  

This song has a really great momentum that simply put provides a dynamic that keeps on giving. 

Dynamic is definitely a word that describes Frusciante’s brand of music. 

Admittedly, he is a huge influence on my own music.  

Agnes Obel - Riverside

Pretty girl, plays Piano.

We’ve heard this before, but this time she is from a different part of the world. Denmark produced this minimalist, melancholic pianist, with a thing for pop melodies. Light and bleak at the same time this refined piece of pop is great for sad walks home at night.


December 21, 2010
Johnny Cash & Friends

Kira Skov & Marie Fisker - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 

Two of the best new vocalist Denmark has produced in recent memory: Kira Skov & Marie Fisker.  

Both artist have flourishing solo careers Fisker appearing several times on the new critically acclaimed Trentemøller record (the megastar of danish electronica) with a debut album in the works. Skov having several successful albums to her name with the bands, The Kindred Spirits and Ghost Riders.

This song however is not exactly business as usual for either of these two songbirds.

A stripped down, powerful rendition of Johnny Cashes classic “first time ever i saw your face”  Just fingerpicked guitar and two amazing vocals in a decidedly dark harmony. The way these two sync is just haunting. Nothing short of beautiful these two. The singing as well.     

December 19, 2010
Carolina never sounded so good

Ryan Adams - Oh My Sweet Carolina

I’ve raved and ranted about this guy for sometime. This does not make this song any worse. In fact it makes it better, the more you listen to it.

This country ballad is a minimalist rendering of Emmylou Harris’ original. The focus is on Adams and his barely present acoustic guitar. Harris joins in on the chorus as does the rest of the band. Slowly building up to beautiful ending. It crescendos with Harris and Adams in stellar unison with the band providing a fragile and delicate backdrop.  

Modern country for modern times.

That is exactly what Ryan Adams delivers.

I want more !   

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